Tattoos are simply beautiful but only if they are done the right way. On the other side, they can be hideous and a source of embarrassment that you wish you never got one.

You love tattoos, right? It is not enough to love having one of these. You need to think about it because it is a big deal having one. You want to have the ink on you for good but not bad reasons. Some people regret why they had this or that tattoo done on them. They did not know that it could turn out to be a disaster. But for you, this post is an eye-opener; detailing the process of ensuring your piece is not only beautiful but also one that will bring you the satisfaction you always wanted.

Now that you know, here is how to get a beautiful tattoo

Research is important

Having the money and the will to get a tattoo, unfortunately, does not guarantee you good results. How beautiful your tattoo comes to be will depend more on the artist you choose. Conduct thorough research on different artists before you settle for one. Your family and friends, who have had a tattoo before, could be good points of reference.

Pay more, get quality

It is tempting not to walk away from a guy who asks for 50 bucks for your tattoo. My advice, walk away as fast as possible. The secret to a beautiful quality piece is paying for what it takes. Be ready to pay handsomely for a tattoo that you will never regret even once.

Think about the design before you have it done on you

You may have heard this, but I will still say it once more. Do not rush into the design you have chosen. Take time to think about it and decide it is the right thing for you. You can get a tattoo that will get you killed or ruin your life forever. Go for something interesting and meaningful. Avoid your boyfriend or girlfriend’s name; I have seen these choices become a devil in many lives.

You better accept that it will hurt, though a little

A beautiful tat-up will hurt. It would not be worth anything if didn’t. Needles will be piercing deep and fast into your skin, so you better be ready. The good news is that you will not be the guy asking whether it hurts but the guy who says, “Yeah, it felt good.”

Do not default on the after-care instructions

Taking care of your tattoo is the hardest part. You must treat it like you just got a flesh wound. Wash it in unscented detergent, no soaking in any water, no picking on or touching it and blah blah. These are basic aftercare routines. Your artist may recommend. Make sure you follow them to the letter.

Well, the tattoo you want is always your choice. No one will push something down your throat. But as you choose, do it wisely. It takes a lot of patience and right decision making to land a beautiful tattoo that will become a pride of your body.