Technology is always moving forward. With the onslaught of speaker systems and 5.1 surround sound, there have always been cables everywhere in your living room. Even though wire tidying has been around for a while, it does not change the headache of deciding where you should place your system with the limitation of the cabling.

Then Bluetooth and wireless have taken the market by storm. Eliminating wires completely, or so the public believes, there are so many different types of systems. Therefore, you need to know a lot about this area of sound before you can make a purchase. Before we begin, a basic lesson in how a speaker works wireless, so you understand fully.


How A Wireless Speaker Creates Sound

We all know that we need a signal from the player such as your DVD player to be transmitted to the speaker. Therefore, a speaker must have a receiver to receive the signal and have speakers to project the sound. The Speaker also needs to be connected to an amplifier, which is powered by electricity or battery power. This has to convert the sound impulses into actual sound waves that your ear can pick up.

Speakers are generally all inclusive. They have a power source, with an amplifier built in and connected to an external amplifier. With the case of batteries, this is a very limited option and can become a headache.

With an amplifier at the back of the room, not all the wires have been eliminated, they have just been relocated or made easier for your cabling.

Types Of Speakers You Can Buy

There are many types of speakers out on the market, and knowing how they work will help you find the right fit for what you need in your home.

Home Theater System

XZCZXCXZHome Theater systems are wireless that has a combination of sound bar and portable speakers, each speaker, can be stand-alone. The Home theater speker has a combination of speakers and subwoofers, which you can also connect to any phone or tablet to the system with ease.

Sound Bar

A sound bar is located underneath your TV screen or computer screen. They have a practical design to maximize the quality of the sound. They also do not distort easily at all, and they can be put anywhere you want in the room since they connect wirelessly or through Bluetooth.


In summary, wireless speakers have created a system to make setting up a new theater system at home much easier. You will have fewer cables to hide, and you can have perfect placement. Although there are still cables involved, you still have much less. With the different types of speakers out there, you can definitely find the right one for your particular living room.…