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Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. Please take a look around and listen to the music. We try really hard to keep this site up to date, so if you’re curious as to what I’ve been up to lately, you’ve come to the right place.

At the moment I’m out promoting my new single “Cold”. What that means is lots of radio stations visits. During a typical visit, I’ll meet some of the DJs and other radio staffers and then we’ll all go to a conference room and I will play some songs. People are intrigued by my mandolin and always want to know how I came to choose that particular instrument. (you’ll have to read my bio to find out!!)
y peace or inspiration in the songs, email me and let me know. God bless you and thanks again for stopping by.


Cold on iTunes

~ March 15, 2007 ~
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Cold is now available on iTunes as a single. This week it is featured in the new Christian/Gospel music section. Support Marie and download the song for only $.99. Every purchase is a vote for Marie and helps to establish her as a new Christian artist. Another way to help out is to write a review of her song. iTunes uses a 1 to 5 star system with 5 being the highest rating. If you love Marie and her music here’s a way to show your support!

National Prayer Breakfast

~ March 14, 2007 ~
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Marie recently performed for our servicemen and women at Fort Eustis in Newport News, VA. Marie and multi-Grammy winner Russ Taff were the musical guests for the annual National Day of Prayer on Tuesday March 13th. The day’s events included the traditional prayer breakfast and an evening concert. “I feel blessed to be able to perform for these men and women who are sacrificing so much for our country”, says Marie. “I had a great time and everyone was so appreciative. It was truly an amazing experience.”

Adding new stations!

~ March 2, 2007 ~
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Marie’s promotional package, which includes the single Cold, has been mailed out to radio stations around the country along with a request that stations begin playing the song on March 9th. In support of all this, Marie has been making station visits including 2 recent radio promotions trips to TX and upcoming trips to TN, FL, CO and CA. Please call or email your requests for “Cold” to your local Christian station.

The WAY-FM radio network and several other stations are already playing “Cold” and it is currently at #16 on WAY-FM’s “Top Twenty Meltdown” show.

Marie on preliminary ballet for New Artist of the Year

~ March 2, 2007 ~
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Marie is starting to get noticed by her peers in Christian music even before the release of her first album. As a case in point, this years initial Dove Award voting ballot listed Marie as a choice for New Artist of the Year. She didn’t garner enough votes to make the 2007 list of nominees, but just to be included on the ballot at this early point in her career is quite an accomplishment, and of course there’s always next year…

Cold moves up 2 spots this week

~ February 6, 2007 ~
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Cold moved up two spots to #18 on Marcia Ware’s Top Twenty Meltdown this week. If you haven’t already done so call or email your local Christian station and ask them to play Cold by Marie Miller.

Cold making the charts!

~ February 1, 2007 ~
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Cold registered on Marcia Ware’s Top 20 Meltdown show, debuting at #20 for the week of Jan. 27th. The song was also #4 on Total Axxess’s hit list for Jan 31st. Both shows are produced by WAY FM which reaches more than 70 cities via its network of radio stations and satellite broadcasting.

The Latest from Marie

~ January 22, 2007 ~
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Check out Marie’s latest journal entry: Megan is here!

Over 32,000 friends and 100,000 plays on myspace

~ January 21, 2007 ~
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Marie’s myspace page continues to attract large numbers of visitors with over 32,000 friends and 100,000 music plays. You can visit Marie at www.myspace.com/mariemiller .

Christian radio playing “Cold”

~ January 17, 2007 ~
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Way FM, one of the premier broadcasters in Christian radio, and other independent stations are currently playing “Cold”. In addition to airing the song, WAY recently had Marie in their Nashville studio to record Word on the Way (scripture verses) and Connect (where artists talk about the meaning behind their songs) segments. Visit WAY FM’s website for station locations www.wayfm.com.

Marie to perform at GMA Academy

~ January 15, 2007 ~
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Marie will be performing at the 2007 GMA Academy being held in Dallas, February 16 and 17th. The Academy is attended by aspiring artists and songwriters interested in learning more about the Christian music industry.